Traverse Curtain Rods are changing with the times.

Years ago you would find pinch pleated curtains on traverse rods as a standard.

Traverse rod with pinch pleated draperies

Traverse rods, invented by Charles W. Kirsch in 1928 and are still very popular today with traditional décor but come in many more decorative styles that allow the rod and often times, rings, to be displayed with the curtains as well.

Traverse rods with pinch pleated draperies

The curtains are hung via metal inserted hooks into the rod carriers, connected by cord that allows for the curtain to be drawn open or closed. Modern rods conform to child safety standards and use retractable cords, wands, remotes, and hand operation.

Traverse rods

Traverse rods can be installed with two-way draw — draw from the center that stacks curtains on each side, or left or right draw, that stack the fabric folds on one side or the other, for sliding doors. Traverse rods are made of metal or wood, can be mounted on the wall or the ceiling, and have other options — they may be a double rod to hang sheers behind curtains and can also be curved to conform to various window styles.

But look out traverse rods — there’s a newer kid in town — Ripplefold Traverse Rods.

This style has a clean contemporary look for modern décor.

Ripplefold draperies

Curtains are hung by sewing a stiff snap tape to the top of the flat curtain panels. The snap carriers can be spaced to allow for several different amounts of fullness yet create a smooth wavy heading to the curtains in any fullness.

Ripplefold Traverse rod carriers

When using a Ripplefold Traverse Rod you will notice that the curtains hang below the rod. Rods come in sleek modern finishes adding to your contemporary décor or may be painted, upholstered, ceiling mounted, or covered by a top treatment, to create the look you desire.

Ripplefold traverse rods

It doesn’t matter if you prefer the traditional look of a pinch pleated curtain with a more modern decorative rod, or the sleek new wave of the ripple fold curtain, Kim will help you select fabric and hardware perfect for your style and your home. Call 513–398–5798 or email Kim today —

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