A gorgeous variety of delicious vegan meals to help fuel all the biking and kayaking you’re going to be doing

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Bike parking at Nørreport Metro. All photos: Shawna Kenney

You know a country is on the forefront of environmental action when a café cashier points to the water cups and without provocation exclaims, “Don’t worry, those aren’t plastic! They’re made of maize.” This happened to me at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art this summer on my 10th trip to Denmark in 25 years.

There are more pigs than people in this little country, but according to the German-based search engine for vacation rentals, Holidu, Copenhagen is the sixth best city in Europe for vegans, based on the number of eateries in relation to its population of almost six…

Sun + pool days are when your hair needs you most — let us guide you to the best tools for treatin’ it right

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Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

Much as we love them, the beach, pool and direct sun all take a toll on our locks in the summer days. Your hair needs your help, but why let weird animal products creep into your head? Hard to tell what’s what out there, though, and sometimes it feels like you need a chemistry degree just to read the tricky labels of beauty products. …

shawna kenney

Essayist, journalist, author; www.shawnakenney.com

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