Being a connoisseur is too hard

I don’t believe that I am alone in the digital community in my self-professed love of coffee. Perhaps, I love on coffee too hard. I drink it more or less from dawn ‘til dusk. That’s probably bad for me.

I don’t even remember when I started drinking coffee but I do know that I quickly got into drinking black coffee. That’s actually all I drink.

When I started working in Seattle I heard that everyone loved coffee. We went out to get some and I ordered first : “Large coffee, black please”. I got some looks…

I didn't understand yet but for a lot of people, this is coffee.

Coffee not visible.

For awhile, I used to introduce myself as a coffee connoisseur. Technically, I fit the definition. I have a good palette for it, I can pick-up different roast types, bean origin, undertones and mouth-feel ( yeah, that is a real thing). I know way too many facts about coffee companies, brewing methods and health benefits ( or dangers) of it.

There was a problem. I like Starbucks.

Actually, I love McDonald’s, Peet’s, Peerless, Seattle’s Best, Royal Cup ( yup, that is AirTran’s on-board coffee) and even gas station why-is-this-so-hot-American style coffee.

Hell yeah.

I realized that I don’t think about coffee when I drink it. I just love the taste and how it makes me feel.I drink it so much that my caffeine tolerance is sky-high. But, its just comforting and pleasant. It makes a cold morning feel sublime or a red-eye airplane flight feel relaxing.

Being a connoisseur requires analysis and careful selection. It kind of demands that you reject cheap or common examples on principle. You have to think about temperature, how it was brewed, mixing it with various milks and specific measurements. It just feels stressful. I don’t want my romance with coffee to be hard.

I don’t think love is complicated. Its simple. Coffee has taught me that sometimes you can think too much. So, I continue to proclaim that I am an insane coffee-drinker, a coffee lover but not a connoisseur. So far, coffee continues to rock my world.

Plus, I get tons of free Starbucks gift cards because no one else wants them.

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