I started even before you did, when there wasn’t much to do, in order to prepare. When you arrived, I remained committed to keep warm and ready for a chase, victory, escape, or kiss. My highs came with your highs, sometimes at a pace we both feared may lead to…

Spotify is a company that entered a market with a strong incumbent and carved out a space through a better product. (Credit: 2018 Bloomberg Finance LP) © 2018 BLOOMBERG FINANCE LP

As an early-stage consumer VC with a laser-focus for efficiency, few things make me wince more than meeting brilliant entrepreneurs devoted to building products few people will want. They mistake novelty, whiz-bang technology and cool factor as the keys to a breakthrough startup. My advice? Humbly admit that consumers don’t…

Shawn Carolan

VC, founder & believer that consumer tech can improve everyday lives. Investor in Chime, Roku, Uber, IMVU, Siri, JUMP Bikes + +.

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