Mircosoft basically went and made the imac everyone has wanted for years and called it a surface…
James Sergent ✯

Guess we’ll have to disagree on the innovation part. :-)

A recent video I saw required the Surface to have a large metal radial dial AND a stylus. That’s TWO more hardware “things” you have to have.

Having to reach over and grab that knob, or remember to bring it with you to a meeting are the things that Jobs always “got” but Microsoft still does not.

Also, no one interfaces with a computer the way you interface with Surface Studio, so designing apps / user experiences on it for example is rather silly. At least with my keyboard and mouse (or an iPad) I’m using the exact device my customers use, and can develop empathies around that.

I thought Pixar animators or game designers would love it. But reading their reviews they’re passing as the machine isn’t powerful enough.

This thing will have a few customers, then they’ll discontinue it, because in the end — it still runs Windows.

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