A List of The Legit Worst Places in New York City
Michael Hoffman

So glad you called out Mr. Purple. Fuck that place!

But what’s up with 14th and 1st? Great intersection. A classic:

Big Arc Chicken, Taverna Kyclades, Vinny Vincenz pizza, and H&W, one of the best hardware stores in lower Manhattan. The flea market at the church on the corner is so good it makes Brooklyn Flea look like Martha Stewart snorted Etsy. O’Hanlon’s Bar is not my favorite, but its as good as an Irish dive bar gets. The people watching near McDonalds is second to none.

The only reason 14th and 1st has shitty moments is when the outer boro bridge and tunnel crowd comes pouring out of the L train stop like pizza rats (which is where pizza rat was filmed).