Shawn Costello Golf: Countries Famous for their Coffee

Shawn Costello Golf is explaining you details about the top five Countries Famous for their Coffee. Shawn Costello Golf knows coffee is one of the most famous and popularly growing commodities in the world & Due to the increasing chains of coffee shops like Starbucks and many more people are developing a taste towards various types of coffee, the need and demand for coffee today has grown like never before. Shawn Costello Golf advises you to taste coffee if you have chance to visit the country.

1: Brazil

Brazil has been one of the best quality coffee producing nations for over 150 years now and we are sure that there are many more years to come for this country known for its different blends of coffee. Brazilian coffee is known to be of extremely high quality, pure and the best when it comes to taste and nature, which also makes Brazil the largest exporter of coffee in the world.

2: Costa Rica

Costa Rica started producing coffee in the year 1779, and continues to be one of the largest producers of coffee in the world. Costa coffee is extremely popular in various nations across the globe, and to meet this demand for this country’s amazingly delicious coffee, Costa Rica exports a large amount of its coffee plantations and earns revenue from it.

3: Columbia

Columbian coffee is known to be one of the best in taste and strongest in nature. The history of coffee in the country of Columbia is still unknown and vague, but today this country is known to be one of the highest exporters of coffee beans in the world. If you are a coffee lover, then the strong aroma and beautiful taste of Columbian coffee is sure to way its way in your heart.

4: Vietnam

Vietnam was first introduced to coffee by the French people during the year 1857. Since then, this country has never looked back from growing some of the best quality of coffee in the world and exporting it to different parts of the globe. The perfect and fertile climate of this country has enabled Vietnam to increase their revenue by exporting their high quality coffee to various countries of the world.

5: Ethiopia

Ethiopia is right known as the birthplace of coffee. The interesting story behind it goes back in the old times when a goat herder accidently stumbled upon a plant in an area known as ‘Kaffa’. His goat, when feeding on this particular plant was observed to be more energized than what It was usually, and thus led to the discovery of ‘Kaffa’ or ‘Coffee’ known today.

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