Did nobody notice this is a cleverly disguised Amazon ad?
Michiel van der Blonk

I’m not sure it was even well-disguised. However, as much as I don’t like Google’s monetizing strategy …. I dislike Amazon even more. They’re actually more evil than Google. And they’ve already shown it, through some of their dick moves. They’re too close to Microsoft, and some of that creepy culture has rubbed on them. And there are A LOT OF ASSUMPTIONS in this article about the success of Alexa. Amazon’s Echo is only available in a limited market (a few countries), and is only available in a few countries …. Amazon’s sales network is not even worldwide. Amazon has NEVER release official numbers of ANYTHING they’ve sold …. they just keep saying that it’s our best-selling product ….. well what does that mean? 10 Million? 20 Million? 100 Million? As Steve Jobs used to say …. if they don’t release numbers, there is a good chance that the sales are not that good. So Yes, Echo might be doing good as an IOT device, but at what scale?

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