I (used to) Love Guns
tyler page

That could describe ME. Except that , being a History Major, I know the “Rest of the Story”. If it were not for “guns”, the whole world would still be run by Feudal Aristocrats, a self appointed Mafia , with a monopoly on weapons. But more important, it is not the “guns” that is making people crazy, it is the unrelenting unavoidable Stresses that modern social arrangements have facilitated. I mean the Neocon “Permanent War” fantasy ;conflicts that are artificially produced. Though I am an unapologetic war vet, I can see NO evidence that the wars of the last hundred years have solved anything at all. Wars simply do not fit into the Global economy, and we should STOP promoting them. When that is done, we will discover that “guns” were irrelevant, all along.

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