New B Corp: 5 Reasons for Female-Focused Commitment

I would have gladly bitch-slapped Kirsten Dunst’s character in Hidden Figures if I’d been around in the 1960s, and I continue to be genuinely perplexed when I see women holding other women back or failing to support fellow women. Our recent presidential election is one example, but smaller, daily examples plague our society everywhere. A female boss or manager doesn’t advocate or support a female team member. A mother doesn’t support her daughter’s dreams because they are “too big” or “too manly.” A wife puts the needs of her husband and children, always, before her own. A college turns its cheek when a female student comes forward with claims of sexual harassment or assault. A judge gives a rapist a slap on the wrist.

And these are just things that happen in America.

As if these issues aren’t enough, here are five specific reasons that our budding B Corp Mad Genius Studios is female-focused:

  1. Women still don’t have equal rights under the Constitution because the Equal Rights Amendment still needs ratified in three more states.
  2. Women are still paid 79 cents on the dollar compared to men, and are paid less than their male counterparts in almost every single field. Hollywood’s female stars have begun to speak up even more loudly about this issue, but we have a long ways to go.
  3. Women are judged heavily on their looks over our brains, not just romantically, but in the working world. This reality begins shaping the worldview of little girls and stays with us throughout our adult lives because we are bombarded by judgement and messaging that tells us we will never be pretty, thin, or youthful enough, and continues to show up in dress codes.
  4. Women around the world birth our children, run our households, and serve our communities, yet are still treated like second-class citizens, evident by the many, many flaws with views and laws about women’s healthcare. Without women, we don’t have a population. Why would women and their bodies not be treated with respect and care when we are literally responsible for continuing the human race, not just as mothers, but as aunts (through blood or choice)? This must change.
  5. Women have a more difficult time securing funding for business ideas, and less female startups are funded than male startups. In March, 2017, Fortune shared that the funding gap is actually getting worse.

In addition to these obstacles, I’d argue that every woman I know (whether personally or as an acquaintance) has far too much on her plate. Whether she’s balancing a full- or part-time job with or without motherhood, plus trying to keep her house in order, have a social life, and take time for self-care, women are seriously stressed. Yes, some of this stress derives from trying to “do it all” and be some perfect version of Superwoman, but in reality, most of the women I know would gladly delegate some of her responsibilities if she had:

  • More money and/or time
  • Better maternity leave and health care
  • A more helpful partner and community
  • A more flexible/understanding boss
  • More choices (for childcare, business funding, work schedules, etc.)

The search for a more balanced life and the hustle that is inherent in many women is evident by the explosion of work-from-home opportunities like Beachbody, Arbonne, 31 Gifts, The Pampered Chef, and many others. Should women have to turn to these opportunities because they need flexibility in their schedules to raise families? Sure, if they want to, but many women will pile one of these gigs onto their already overcrowded plates because they are desperate to get out of their current (inflexible) job, need the cash to help make ends meet for their families, or are saving up to go back to school, add or start their children’s college funds, or for a nice vacation to bring the family closer.

Mad Genius Studios aims to address these issues holding women back in these five (of many more!) ways:

  1. Fund female businesses with $10,000 in startup or growth funds.
  2. Renovate MGS studios all over the world that can be used, for free, for #4DaySprints so women have the space, time, and freedom to lay out a new business idea, complete an artistic project, or hash out a problem at work or in our world with colleagues.
  3. Launch Mad Dog Studios, which will be dedicated to mistreatment in the workplace and advocating that all businesses become B Corps and embrace employee advocacy over “traditional” marketing, aka marketing with a cause and conscience instead.
  4. Provide Ivy-league equivalent scholarships to high school females.
  5. Highlight amazing women and women-owned businesses from all over the world in our digital (and eventually print) magazine.

We have a whole host of other goals and lay out most of our vision on our Mad Genius Studios Kickstarter, and you can follow our journey and progress towards these goals at

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