Hey internet, where are you going in such a hurry?! …and call me when you get there so I know you’re O.K.

I remember when the internet was called cyberspace. Yeah. That was a thing. We lived in a world of Netscape Navigator, Windows 3.1, and yes, dial up connections.

Looking back at my teenage years, I can come up with two truths. 1. I thought getting dropped off at school by my Mom was the absolute worst thing. And 2. There was this new thing called the internet. It was this weird thing that your computer let you connect to and do stuff. This was truly exciting. The tip of the iceberg. Lap number one.

You know that thing that you’re staring at right now? Your computer, or your phone, or maybe even your uncle Jeff’s iPad? Those were all Star-Trek-Phasor-Future-Cool things that weren’t invented yet. Computers were bulky word processing machines that were just then starting to be utilized for online activity. They had disk drives and pre packaged Weezer video’s.

In the mid ninety’s, a fast residential internet connection would bank you a cool 28.8k/second with a sweet Western Digital modem. (I had a 14.4k modem for what seemed like years and it was a struggle.) Your computer would have cost you about four thousand bucks, and would weigh as much as a newborn goat.

I remember the first time “getting online…” My telemaphone dialed a number, it rang a few times, then the modem started making sweet sweet sounds. I was online! Woah. But where’s the coolness? …

Expecting a whole lot to see, I was surprised and very much intrigued by what the internet was at that time. We’d have to navigate through UNIX Shell to whatever website we’d want to see, and when we got there, there was no U/X, no GUI. Simply a black screen (or green if you knew what you were doing) and some white text.

The first website I visited was yahoo.com. It was brutal, but wonderful. There were text links to news stories and email, and other links to photos. Pixilated, unorganized and amazing.

The potential was there. The groundwork was solid. The vision was broad. The internet was poised to become something transcendent. Something we could use for a voice.

Fast forward to today where we’re seeing an explosion of Internet usage on mobile and tablets. Webpages aren’t necessarily pages anymore, but fully-fledged web applications. We’ve gone from humble pixilated images and email browsing to Gmail and Google Maps. Javascript put on his big boy pants and joined the server side thanks to Node.js.

Things are getting heavy, and I mean that literally. In 2013 page weight went up 32%. That’s up from a 30% increase in 2012! The web is getting bigger, more complex, and does more things. This is a good thing, but it presents some new challenges.

With new challenges, comes new responsibilities and expectations. Modern workflow for development teams is crucial, as is software engineering principles. The technology we use today is vital to maintaining easily accessible and maintainable code and projects within teams.

Always experiment with new workflows and technology to make your life as a Dev easier and your projects better. The evolution of the interweb depends on this, and creative minds doing what they do best. Create, change, alter and progress.

Happy coding!

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