Destructive Environments

What we need is a #culturerecall. We have become so politically correct that it has destroyed our ability to take responsibility for our own demise. Owning up to our responsibilities by acknowledging that we have made mistakes are slim for fear of hurting someone’s feelings or being labeled incompetent. And that is more important than telling the truth and learning how to work through adversity so everyone involved can learn and become a better person in the situation. How about just being respectful and agree to disagree and it be ok. I think this has created part of the entitlement mentality.

What happens in the work environment? Squeaky wheel gets what they want and the person who works hard and tries to make changes gets slapped on the hand. Why do we allow someone with a bad attitude that is like a cancer to infect us and then spread when they are transferred to a different area so that they don’t have to be dealt with or just fired? It’s a cancer that needs to be cut out instead of manually metastasizing it to a new location.

Leaders create the culture; culture then determines the business and environment. Are you going to create a micro-managing culture where your employees are afraid to speak and not be able to bring important content to the table? Or are you going to lead by example and have your employees follow you because they know their input is valuable? Ask yourself what your compliance and policies allow you to do and how affective they are for your employees to develop and grow. Do you do things because that’s the way they have always been done?

“See things with the best of intentions and seek first to understand if things are not clear” — Culture Recall

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