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The Shamonj Gifts Work to Learn Challenge: Through Reading, Listening to Audio & Writing

Happy New Year Everyone, how are you all doing? Good I hope. In December of 2017, I watched a movie titled Julie & Julia. In the movie, one of the main characters started a cooking blog for 365 Days. She learned how to be a better cook book by reading the book titled the Joy of Cooking and cooking all of the dishes in the book and writing about it on her blog every day. Her blogging experience opened the doors for her to get a book published, speaking engagements, and get movie deals. The Bible says the hands of the diligence maketh rich. She was diligent with her blog, and it brought forth many opportunities. After watching that movie, I decided that I needed to start blogging. That is when I decided to start the Shamonj Gifts Work to Learn Challenge. I am a writer, and realized that I needed to devote more time to writing. Not only do I need to devote more time to writing, I also need to devote more time to reading. So I have decided to read some books every single day and write about it. Every single day I will read 1 chapter of each book and then write about the information and my experiences with the information. The Bible says a wise man increases in learning. My thoughts are, well how could a wise person increase in learning if they don’t read multiple books. So it’s a new year! It’s time to get started! I am a strong believer that readers are leaders. Like one of my mentors Kwiz says, Work to Learn, then you Learn to Earn, and when you Learn to Earn, you will get your returns. How does a person learn? A person learns through reading books, listening to audio through tapes CD’s, MP3s, Webinars, Podcasts, attending seminars, attending workshops, spending time with mentors, working in the field of study. You learn by taking the knowledge that you have and applying it to your life. Then you can teach others. So let’s get started with the Work to Learn challenge. Would you like to join me in the Shamonj Gifts Work to Learn Challenge?