Trump Will Resign By The Summer — Here’s How It’s Going To Happen
Allan Ishac

I don’t have any type of schooling in writing (well besides at the general ed college level) and I could write better than this. You’re nothing more than an ignorant and childish liberal who can’t accept the outcome of the election. You’re obviously still too distraught and hurt to voice anything close to being factual. Get it through your small and narrow-minded liberal skull… YOU LOST THE ELECTION! GET OVER IT! The American people have finally woken up and saw the destruction that Obama and Democrats were doing to this country. A lot of Republicans say that Obama was “arguably” one of the worst President’s we’ve ever had but then they haven’t done their research and can’t back it up. Well, that’s not even remotely me.

Scandal after scandal… lie after lie…. caring more about being politically correct and providing rights for illegal citizens and giving them their “safe place” in sanctuary cities, then actually making sure every American citizen it taken care of. Obama was a disgrace and I have no problem saying it. Obama wasn’t “arguably” the worst President in our countries history, he WAS the worst President in our countries history. More people out of work; more people on food stamps and welfare; about $2,000 less income per household per month; further race division than ever before, etc. etc. I could keep going but it would literally take me forever.

I have NO problem debating my position and explaining what exactly makes Obama the WORST President we’ve ever had.

For a journalist, you sure are horrific. I would look into a new career.

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