How to Reach Top Decision-Makers

Knowing the right people and having influential connections is a must in business.

Many sales people make a mistake of reaching out to middle or lower-level managers as they’re more accessible.

Unfortunately, this strategy isn’t fruitful as they’re not the ones who will green-light the sales and seal the deal. That’s something that top-level managers do.

Still, nowadays, decision-makers are even harder to reach. However, don’t just give up easily as there are some tips and tricks on how to find a crack in the glass ceiling.

1. Six Degrees of Separation

Research the exec you want to contact and see if you maybe have the same LinkedIn connections.

If so, you can send them a friend request. The more you know about them will help you decide what the best move is.

Check out what their Alma mater is, and see if you know someone who has graduated from that university around the same time.

It’s possible that you have mutual acquaintances that may put in a good word for you. In other words, try to warm up your cold call.

2. Do Your Homework

One of the mistakes that salespeople usually make is that they don’t research and investigate the company they target.

You’ve got to know exactly what the company does, how it functions and see whether the service or product you’re about to offer can actually be of any interest to them.

See what they’ve been posting on social media and see what the hot topics are. Otherwise, you’ll come across as completely unprofessional and incompetent, and you’ll waste the chance you’ve been given.

3. Honor the Gatekeepers

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that the key to the CEO’s office is in the hands of their personal assistant.

Although they’re seemingly down the corporate ladder, they can have a great influence over their boss.

If you treat them with respect and try to be friendly, the strategy of reaching that hot-shot decision-maker may work out for you, as the secretary can find suitable time and squeeze you in.