Aggregator exchanges from a Non trader's POV.

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So firstly I'll explain…

Agreegator exchanges.

What do they do.

This are exchanges that combine data from different exchanges in order to give the best price of an asset.

The aggregator function is typically a feature of Decentralized Exchanges and they rely on artificial intelligence which is connected with various exchanges including Centralized exchanges to provide liquidity.

Okay , so back to the fun stuff….

As it currently looks , it seems other DEXs are beginning to go the A.I way as there are very few DEXs that use the Aggregator feature.

The most noteworthy one being Newdex's smart chain launch of her $DEX token and being the second aggregation exchange after 1inch.

Hey it doesn't matter when you start , just do...Right?

Oh almost forgot.

And now for the technical part…

As a crypto martian , this is about how much I am certain is gonna happen though.

Keep an eye on this new Dexs most especially Newdex (#NFA though).

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