The Brief

For Project 4 of UXDI course, our team was tasked to choose a brand to solve a problem, identify an area of opportunity and platform of choice, and come up with the design for the problems.

Skills Required

  • Competitive/Comparative Analysis
  • User Research
  • Personas
  • Synthesis/Documentation
  • Sketching
  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping
  • Usability Testing
  • Technological Evaluations

Time Frame

2 weeks




Tools and Resources

Company Snapshot is a leading professional laundry pickup and delivery service in Singapore. Besides laundry services, the company also provides cleaning services for house, aircon, curtains and upholstery. Currently, the company only have a website which is laden with text and information.

Presently, Singapore Laundry communicates with its customers for laundry pickup and delivery through phone calls, email and subsequently onsite quotation, which represents an inefficient use of the company’s time and resources.

Singapore Laundry believes that there is an opportunity to attract more customers and also provide value-added services to its customers through a mobile app to simplify the orders, quotation and communication process with its customers. The hypothesis is as follow:

  1. Laundry service users dislikes carrying laundry to and commuting to the physical laundry store.
  2. Customers find it a hassle to email and call for onsite quotation and want a more efficient way to interact with SingaporeLaundry for pickup and delivery of laundry services.

By integrating their present logistics structure and process with a mobile application, the company will be able to improve the efficiency customers place and track orders to enhance their competitive advantage in the industry.


competitor analysis

Typically, companies provide laundry services through:

  • physical brick-and-motor laundry shops
  • physical coin-operated laundromat
  • website booking
  • call and email bookings
  • online bookings via mobile app

Singapore Laundry presently accepts bookings and orders through call and email. Thereafter, they will send their personnel to provide onsite quotation, leading to asymmetric information between customers and company.

By moving away from this quadrant through a mobile app, Singapore Laundry will be able to establish a competitive advantage over its competitors and improve its online presence currently dominated by ‘KnockKnock’ and ‘My Laundry Service’ in Singapore.


comparative analysis for mobile app

Design Implications

Presently, there are only 2 competitors in Singapore with mobile application for laundry service, namely ‘KnockKnock’ and ‘My Laundry Box’. Thus, we also took reference on the features provided by other more established international players from the USA, UK and Dubai: NimNim, Zipjet, Washmen.

It was found that most of the apps required users to login/sign up as a user before they are able to view the company’s offerings. Also, few offered a direct chat function with its users or provide locker services for laundry pickups and delivery.

We thus believe that performing research on whether users require such services will be pivotal in evaluating the features required for Singapore Laundry to differentiate itself from her competitors.


screener survey
screener survey results

Survey Implications

From the screener survey, it was found that:

  • there was a healthy demand for laundry services
  • Most of them patronised and need to commute to physical laundry shops
  • The majority of the users use IOS phones.

User Interviews

Follow up interviews was conducted for 7 interviewees. The 4-list method to understand the pains, pleasures, contexts and behaviour of laundry service users was used.

Findings from interviews

Problem Statement

  • Users want expertise and professional advice during assessment of the items sent for laundry washing, so that they can be assured that the material will not be damaged and stains are removed effectively.
  • From the interviews, I’ve learnt that a common problem among the users I interviewed is that they want the convenience of having a pickup and delivery option for laundry service, in order to free up their time, relieve the hassle of carrying bulky laundry to, and commuting to the physical laundry shop.
  • A common recurring theme among the users is that they find it a hassle to call/send their laundry to the laundry shop. Sometimes, they even forget about the laundry they had sent. Thus, they do not mind engaging the services of an online pickup/delivery laundry service if the price is reasonable.


We further distilled our users into high level personas to understand their behaviours. Following were some of the similarities for design implications.

  • dislikes the hassle of carrying laundry to laundry shops
  • wants to free up more time from not doing laundry
  • receive advice on removing stains
  • uses other cleaning services
  • be reminded of laundry collection
Persona of Lauren
Persona of Susan
pesona of Sam

User Journey Map

The experiences of laundry users and their need was also mapped out to illustrate the required features for the mobile app for Singapore Laundry.

user journey map

Features Prioritisation

A feature prioritisation of the features was conducted using the following methods:

  • Must have-Should have-Could have-Won’t have
  • Essential-Won’t Have-Low Effort/Expense-High Effort/Expense
  • Importance and Frequency of use
features prioritisation


Base on the above analysis, the following features were selected.

  • Pickup and Delivery scheduler
  • Chat and Information Function
  • Reminder Notification
  • Edit Pickup/Delivery Schedule
  • Camera for enquiry section/credit card payment
  • Tracking of pickup, washing. delivery status
  • Ratings and reviews to establish credibility of the company
features identified

Job Stories

The following Job Stories were developed base on the personas.

Job Story of Lauren
Job Story of Susan
Job Story of Sam


Given most of the users have iOS phones, the focus was thus to develop the features in accordance to Apple’s Interface Guidelines.


  • On a iOS platform to allow users to book a pick up date for their laundry.
  • Able to set a pick up date for both picking up laundry and delivering
  • Able to track the status of their laundry
  • Able to make payment

iOS Standards

The iOS standards of navigation bar and tab bar are used mostly in the app for Singapore Laundry.

Other iOS standards which are used in the app are:

  • Page control
  • Adding or removing icon
  • Confirm button
  • Camera Icon
  • Stepper icon
  • Page Control Icon

Native Function:

Singapore Laundry uses the following functions which are native in the iOS:

  • Date and Time picker
  • Picker
  • Keyboard
  • Number Pad
  • Push Notification
  • Location Service
  • Camera
  • Slider
  • Stepper
  • Text Field

Third Party

Singapore Laundry uses a third party service for their app:

  • Credit card payment
  • PayPal
  • Credits




Comparing with Knock Knock app, the app for Singapore Laundry will require few taps and pages to accomplish the task.

User Flow Analysis


Based on the scenario and task of our persona Susan, we performed about 12 user testing and going thru 4 iterations for the paper prototype.

Paper Prototyping

Design Implications

  • Repositioning of cancel and confirmation button for ease of accessbility by users
  • Allow users to view a summary order as he selects items along the way
  • Allow users to input type of service and quantity before input of addresses. Users would rather achieve their goal of choosing the service they want first rather than input their locations.




Following is the link to the high fidelity prototype.


  • Conduct more usability testings and iterations base on the next 2 scenarios and task
  • Improve the overall design of the prototype and make considerations for ‘unhappy’ states of the user
  • Android phone development
  • Re-design the website of the company for consistency with the mobile app.
  • Explore tie ups with Singpost for integration of locker services for users who will not be home but require the laundry urgently.
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