I have chosen to follow my dream job !

As you can see from the photo to the left i have chosen my dream job to be trucking and yes i know that trucking is not a easy lifestyle but for me it has been something i have always wanted to do .

For me, it started back when I was just 7 or 8 years old. I can still distinctly remember looking out my window of our family home as my fathers friend Ralph March would roll up the driveway in his big rig to come and pay a visit . I always kept wondering what it must be like to drive the big trucks. Where are they going? What are they hauling and why do they look so awesome?

Sadly I was still just a kid and no way even close from being able to drive a big rig. So in the meantime my life, like the lives of so many others, took a different path. I got into computers and Tv/movie production and dont get me wrong I love what i do but i have always felt as if something was missing and i never stopped thinking about truck driving entirely. Instead, I followed the path that was laid out before me .

I turned 37 this year and for some reason it was like someone had hit the panic button … “ What do I do …I need a career… I love the jobs i have been doing but i need something more , not just a job to pay the bills “ .

Am I crazy enough to do it?…yes and people are going to think i’m crazy for doing it as well I am sure but after quite a bit of research, I decided i am going to go for it.

I understand not everyone gets into trucking because of a “last resort” or because it was some dream of theirs as a child. In fact, I know some people didn't consider it until they where older and while holding perfectly stable jobs. A huge number of truck drivers are people who have retired or those who just want to experience the unique lifestyle. Some see it as an opportunity to travel and better yet, get paid to do it. I’ve met and talked to everyone from a former high school teacher, a former police officer and even a former commercial pilot. It is plain to see that everyone like myself has their own unique reason for getting into trucking.

After much research i have come to understand that truck driving is not a job. It’s a lifestyle. i fully understand I will have to work long hours and be away from home and my family up to 3 to 6 weeks at a time and not all days will be Kitties and rainbows …

It is still going to take work in the meantime to get where I am going but i dream for that first day behind the wheel while my leg shakes from nervousness. I am ready for my first mountain pass with tons of weight pushing me downhill. I can’t wait to see some of the most beautiful sights of what our country has to offer and to meet some incredibly unique people in some even more incredibly unique places.

This is not just a career , it’s a passion of mine a dream left unfulfilled …. but it might just be what i have been looking for.

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