Shawn McGaff
Feb 17, 2016 · 1 min read

This is a fascinating concept to probe and I wish more people would ask this question about their lives. We might end up with people exposing themselves to greater variety once they realize they only like that pop song on the radio because they’ve heard it a million times.

There is also the idea that one cannot have joy without knowing pain. One can only exist with the other to provide contrast. So if we enjoy everything, can we enjoy anything?

I think there is also a difference between momentary ‘joy’ and ‘fulfillment’ that should be noted. A familiar song or a bite of chihuahua filled chalupa may give a brief dose of dopamine with a whiff of nostalgia but can it create the deeper sense of satisfaction and fundamental happiness of the first connection with something new? In other words, the temporality of the effects should play a role in its analysis and validity to one’s life.

Really great post and absolutely love the graphic you made. Spot on.

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