Auto AD Posting Software - CL Ad Blaster

If Craigslist is your favorite hunting ground and you routinely post ads here then take out the drudgery. It is like having an assist do everything for you on craigslist.

Just take a look at its wonderful automated features.

CL AdBlaster will automatically post ads to various sections in one click of the mouse. The auto poster software automatically selects cities in a radius of 75 miles and posts ads in all relevant Craigslist sites in that category.

Specify multiple categories and your ads appear there magically.

This “Intelligent” ad poster times its posts to avoid CL flags.

Then it will keep track of ads posted and automatically renew them every 48 hours all on its own.

Expired ads are reposted automatically. Timing is everything and you can simply enter ad details and the time when it should be posted so that your ad stays on top for maximum visibility and impact.

It keeps on working 24x7x365 and gives you consistent results for your sales campaigns, all without wasting time and effort.

Craigslist auto poster Software