Craigslist Basics to advertise your products and services for free

Craigslist is considered as one of the easiest mode to sell products and services locally. You got stuff to sell Old or New doesn’t matter, Craigslist is the place.

Whether you are a newbie in selling or an occasional one or having a mainstream business craigslist selling is equally valid.

Let’s see how to sell on Craigslist:

Select correct location:

Most important thing craigslist is the local platform to sell out stuff. So you can’t sell an item from Oregon in Los Angeles unless you are selling in Los Angeles. So locate closest sub domain related to your location not just any location. If you belong to Los Angeles select “”

Click on post to classified and select correct selling option or other relevant option.

Then follow the instruction and Ad information form, you can list the products or services that you want to sell.

While writing and Posting an Ad on Craigslist take care of following things to post a perfect Ad.

  • Create interesting ad titles to attract the viewer instantly.
  • Write nice and clever description that defines your business. Words are great to appeal a customer so try to connect with your potential audience.
  • Show the real you by offering beautiful and gorgeous images from various angles.
  • Always leave a phone number to let people contact you. You can also give an email there.

What to Do Not to Get Flagged?

To avoid flagging and spamming Ad issues follow these tips:

  • Avoid posting multiple ads for the same product. It can lead to flagging and spamming.
  • Don’t go crazy with posting the ads or else you will be banned.
  • Be under control to use this free service for long coming years. Make sure to write creative titles and appealing post descriptions for each listing.

Another way to build your reputation on Craigslist is by offering freebies like free stickers under sale section. Let’s create your brand goodwill by advertising your local business.

Try to be positive and build your brand by offering genuine real offers and don’t try to fool others on Craigslist. Be good to others and they will respect you and your business. Take time, invest and earn on craigslist.

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Craigslist Basics to run a Successful Ad Campaign for free

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