How Visualizing Works and Why You Need To Lay The Foundation For Future Success.

This morning I stumbled across a wonderful email from LudvigSunstrom. He’d posted a new article on his blog regarding his US Travels. What a lucky man, my mind blurted out!

But that is not valid logic.

Ludvig is not lucky in the slightest. At least not the kind of ‘luck’ the majority of people refer to. Ludvig has prepared and pounced on opportunity.

Visualization Is Difficult

At least I find it difficult. As someone who embraces imagination and creativity it’s strange to admit that I find visualization difficult. It’s such an abstract concept that my mind simply melts at the thought of it.


I don’t want to be average. I want to be a fucking gladiator.

Then this gem of motivation and sudden reminder of what is possible(Ludvig’s article) shows up in my inbox. Suddenly I’m salivating at the mouth ready to fucking crush shit and build a kick-ass brand so that I can build some serious authority.

In chimes my wife, “Man crushing on Ludvig, again?”
“No, just renewing my burning desire to make life my bitch”
“Ah. I’m taking off, bye!”

So I’m sitting here with my youngest, Aiden, moving around behind me, with a brain that just won’t quit when it all just clicks:

You can’t fucking visualize what you can’t imagine.

I haven’t had a point of reference that supported visualizing future events that weren’t based on my current reference point: No job, Stay-at-home-dad, English living in Quebec, Shitty friends, Negative environment when I visit my parents, etc.

The answer is living outside your fucking reference point. Religiously follow people who’ve inspired you, look into what cool shit they’re doing and then change your reference point.

Stop thinking: I can’t do this, or that, because X&Y.

Start Thinking: I have no limits. Fuck my current circumstances. What can I do today to get where I want to be tomorrow?

Your point of reference hinders efforts you could presently make that lead to your idealized future. If someone is born in a shitty little African village where people are dying every minute of the day they’re going to have a hard time visualizing life without those references.

The operative word being “hard time.” Just because something is hard doesn’t mean it’s impossible. In fact often the difficulties and life situations force you to grow from your current situation. Your pure hatred and rejection of your circumstances drives you to clear a path to where you want to get.

Pro tip: Begin building a network of people who’ll inspire you, drive you further in your life’s work and are furiously determined at creating their future. I’ve built this network with people like Ludvig, frontline utilities and Kyle Eschenroeder. Some I speak to more frequently then the others but I draw inspiration from the cool shit they’re doing.

Now Lay That Fucking Foundation

Follow inspirational people. Check.

Change your reference point. Check.

Now you’ve only got a single task left before you can achieve “success(what an ambiguous term.”) Laying the foundation for future success requires:

Sacrificing present moment pleasure.

Building a vision of your idealistic future.

Reading books that educate and challenge your beliefs.

Creating content from notes you’ve taken from those books.

Building an online brand where you provide value to people.(I believe most physical jobs will be replaced by robotic workers in the future, so begin building online assets.)

Laying the foundation is straight-forward English: Do what you need today to build your tomorrow.

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