The 4 Pillars Of Resilience That Unlock Post Traumatic Growth(Without The Trauma.)

This post was inspired by Jane McGonigal who gave a TEDtalk about the power games have in our lives. I’ve quoted certain parts from the transcript of this TEDtalk and do not claim it as my own content.

What Is Post Traumatic Growth?

You’ve likely never heard this term used before. I hadn’t heard it until I watched Jane’s TEDtalk and listened to her story about her trauma.

You’ve undoubtedly heard the term ‘Post Traumatic Stress Disorder’ A.K.A — PTSD. The former term is the one this article will focus on and can lead to better life quality, while the former is something you’d want to avoid because it impacts your life negatively.

Post Traumatic Growth are positive psychological changes brought on through traumatic experiences as a result of facing adversity and challenges. You’re essentially choosing to grow from your circumstances instead of letting them negatively affect the remainder of your life.

There are 4 areas of resilience that allow you to benefit from Post Traumatic growth without suffering a trauma. This is good.

How Does Post Traumatic Growth Change Your Mentality?

During Jane’s Tedtalk she presented the top 5 mental changes that occurred because of Post Traumatic Growth.

They are:

  1. My Priorities Have Changed.
  2. I’m Not Afraid To Do What Makes Me Happy.
  3. I Feel Closer To My Family and Friends.
  4. I Have A New Sense Of Meaning and Purpose In My Life.
  5. I’m Better Able To Focus On My Goals And Dreams.

How Have I Grown After Emotional Trauma?

I’ll keep this short for brevities sake and to keep the focus of this post on delivering value to you. Sound good? Good.

Emotional Trauma is not given the same status as it’s physical counterpart. People who suffer break-ups are often told to ‘just get over it.’ But there is enormous danger in treating emotional trauma this way. The mind holds a tight grip over your actions and plenty of people have committed suicide following an emotional trauma.

When I was in high school I fell in love(you don’t say?) and spent the entirety of my high school days with this women. To make a long story short things didn’t turn out well after 5 years of high school with a women who was emotionally abusive and resulted in my decent into 3 years of drug addiction, dropping out from high school and years of emotionally neglecting myself.

But you know what? I wouldn’t trade those experiences for anything for two reasons:

  1. Your past creates who you are in the present. If you change the past you change the present. You change you
  2. I’ve grown into a more resilient person who knows what to watch out for with women.

There you go: I grew from a traumatic chain of events that have made me into who I am today. I don’t take bullshit from any women anymore and I can see a bad apple a thousand miles away.

Now Unto The Practical Stuff You Can Use To Influence Your Life…

Pillar 1 — Physical Resilience

Pick one:
Stand up and take three steps, or make your hands into fists, raise them over your head as high as you can for five seconds.

No seriously choose one and do it right now.

How You Can Improve Physical Resilience

Begin sitting less than you currently are during the day. Sitting is the modern age’s cancer and it reduces your physical resilience. Each moment spent not sitting you’re improving your overall health and the health of your lungs, brain and heart.

However don’t take this to the extreme by never sitting during any moment. Sitting does have it’s benefits of relieving the strain that standing puts on your body. Sound contradictory to what I just mentioned?

It is.

It’s called moderation. Discover the balance that works for your lifestyle.

Get moving.

Pillar 2 — Mental Resilience

I want you to snap your fingers exactly 50 times, or count backwards from 100 by seven, like this: 100, 93… Go!

Don’t ignore this activity. I’ll keep mentioning how important this is. Every. Single. Time.

How You Can Improve Your Mental Resilience

Mental resilience is increased by focusing on a given task and having the discipline to follow through with those tasks given to you, whether by yourself or another party, doesn’t really matter.

Tackling tiny challenges increases your ability to remain focused and disciplined in the future increases your overall willpower. You’ll have an easier time calling up willpower when you need and it is available or you to use.

As an added bonus you’ll be ahead of the average person by actually focusing on difficulty but often necessary tasks.

Pillar 3 — Emotional Resilience

Pick one: Because of the room, fate’s really determined this for you, but here are the two options. If you’re inside, find a window and look out of it. If you’re outside, find a window and look in. Or do a quick YouTube or Google image search for “baby [your favorite animal.]”

Do it. Just Do it. Note How You Feel…

How You Can Improve Emotional Resilience

Discover methods for experiencing three positive emotions every day. If you’re an overachiever discover methods for experiencing more positive emotions than negative ones throughout your daily activities.

Seeking positive emotions and environments improves your overall health. You’ll develop better skills for tackling problems you’re facing, too. Psychologists have coined a term ‘three-to-one ratio’ which refers to experiencing three positive for every negative emotion.

You could always keep track of positive things through the use of a gratitude journal. Wink. Wink.

I’ve become an expert in seeking positive environments, emotions and people. It’s improved my life drastically and draw more of the optimist out of me.

Pillar 4 — Social Resilience

All right, pick one, last quest: Shake someone’s hand for six seconds, or send someone a quick thank you by text, email, Facebook or Twitter. Go!

This One Is Really Important. Do It.

How You Can Improve Your Social Resilience

Social interactions are crucial to resilience and mental health. You and I are social creatures who without utilizing social skills could not have created the modern world we live in today. Without social interaction there would have been no modern inventions or advancements beyond the grunting of our forefathers.

The world would be filled with loners. Solitary loners who don’t interact socially.

Because of your inherent need for social contact when you receive some your body responds. When you shake someone’s hand for six seconds your levels of oxytocin dramatically raise — the trust hormone raises.

Start by involving yourself in your local communities and reach out to others who are in need. You’d be amazed how fulfilled you begin to feel.

Pro Tip: Online income is not generated by doing things for the money. Online income is generated by providing value to your audience and helping them over come their problems — money is a byproduct of social interaction.

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