Trevulan Muscle

Trevulan Muscle is a nitric oxide booster that my friend just purchased online. He said that he got it with a trial offer and it only cost him a few bucks for shipping.

At first, I was surprised and concerned. After all, if he only paid a few dollars for the product, how safe can it be?

So, I started this review with some mixed feelings about this supplement. However, after reading a few other articles on Trevulan Muscle Formula and reading some online forums, I was a little more relaxed.

But I still decided to conduct a review myself. And after a few weeks, I have gotten a better judgment of what this product is and if it’s worth buying online.

Here is the full review for those interested:

What Is Trevulan Muscle?

Trevulan is a scientifically designed nitric oxide booster that comes in pill form.

It is designed with natural ingredients to maximize the results you obtain while preventing side effects. The primary reason people have used this supplement is to promote their workout performance.

This pill is capable of improving nitric oxide levels without affecting hormone levels and other body functions. What this means is that both men and women are free to benefit from this supplement.

I also found no mention of any need for it to be cycled when being used. So, you can take the pills for months with the associated muscle gain benefit and no ‘off’ cycle.

With the increase in nitric oxide, you can expect faster muscle gain, better pumps, improved energy levels, and enhanced muscle size.

All these factors combined, let Trevulan stimulate your body’s physical and workout performance. This will allow you to get bigger, stronger, and leaner, all without any steroids.

How Does This Muscle Gain Pill Work?

The core duty of this supplement is to provide your body with natural ingredients that stimulate nitric oxide synthesis.

The ingredients that promote nitric oxide production which are used in this pill include L-Arginine, L-Citrulline, and Creatine.

I have seen several bodybuilding and fitness products with these ingredients, both individually or blended with other ingredients. However, I have found that it’s essential to get the right blend for the maximum possible muscle gain.

So, I believe that taking a pre-designed blend in Trevulan is better than stacking a bunch of products yourself.

As for this pill, the ingredients promote nitric oxide, which in turn, promote vasodilation. This is where your blood vessels dilate, and your muscles experience a boost in blood flow.

With the benefit of dilated blood vessels, more oxygenated blood is pumped to the muscles. It also supplies the muscles with fatigue combating and muscle building components from the pill.

All the extra blood allows your muscles to be energized and invigorated, improving muscle gain, muscle size, and workout performance.

What Are The Ingredients In This Muscle Gain Supplement?

As previously mentioned, there are three active ingredients in this muscle growth supplement. The ingredients mentioned have been clinically proven to promote nitric oxide product and improve lean muscle gain.

The active ingredients include:


L-Arginine is one of the most popular nitric oxide boosters in the market. It works by stimulating the production of nitric oxide in the body.

With the boost in nitrogen retention, it allows for more oxygenated blood to flow to the muscles due to vasodilation. This allows for it to combat fatigue, improve energy levels and promote muscle gain.

It is capable of promoting muscle growth and ensuring you get better pumps when at the gym.


L-Citrulline, like the previous ingredient, is an amino acid. In the human body, it can quickly raise the levels of nitric oxide.

This is because the body converts this ingredient into nitric oxide in the muscles. This allows for the muscle to have easy access to nitric oxide and faster blood flow.

It is capable of eliminating muscle fatigue and prevents post-workout soreness. It’s also great for promoting workout energy and overall health of the body.


Creatine is often purchased as a separate workout supplement. However, the Creatine that is found in those products is of low-quality.

This supplement, however, comes with concentrated Creatine that helps promote fast-acting muscle growth. It can also help strengthen the skeletal muscles for better pumps and stronger muscles.

It is also capable of boosting workout stamina and better pumps with each workout.

What Are The Expected Benefits?

There are many benefits of a quality bodybuilding supplement. This is especially so for the products with natural ingredients.

According to the online forums and user reviews I found on Trevulan Muscle, here are the expected benefits of this pill:

· Enhanced nitric oxide synthesis

· All-natural ingredients

· Improved muscle gain

· Heightened energy levels

· Combats muscle fatigue

· Promotes recovery

· Improves muscle strength

· Improved sexual performance and libido

· Side effect free results

· Fast-acting supplement

· Popular with users

· Comes with attractive online offers

How Much Does Trevulan Cost?

Most workout and bodybuilding supplements require you to buy one or more bottles to try for the benefits.

The manufacturers of Trevulan are confident in their product. So, they allow you to try the benefits of this supplement without paying anything more than shipping and handling cost.

This is done via their Risk-Free Trial offer which only requires you to pay a nominal shipping charge for the order.

Unfortunately, it’s only available from the products official site. So, if you want to buy it from your local pharmacy, you are out of luck.

Should You Buy Trevulan Today?

There are thousands of workout and bodybuilding supplements available on the market. But there is no need to be forced only to buy one of the top tier products online.

After all, there are quality muscle gain pills that work well available online. And Trevulan is one of these quality muscle growth supplements.

This is also what I told my friend who bought this product.

So, if you are looking for your next bodybuilding supplement for achieving a lean and ripped physique, I recommend Trevulan Muscle.