The “Other Side” Is Not Dumb.
Sean Blanda

great article. this is something I’ve been working on after a revelation that I’ll never convince anybody that I’m right by antagonistic literal showmanship and 1upmanship nor by mockery and derisiveness.
and yeah, the other side might actually be dumb, but they aren’t going to learn shit if you treat them like they are dumb, and more importantly, the wise man learns more from the fool than visa versa, and you aren’t going to learn shit from them if you dismiss them as dumb.

I guess someone might see this as a way for me to keep my feelings of superiority while disposing of my attitude of superiority, and maybe that’s true. but at least now I’m trying to give people a chance to express themselves and being open minded to their viewpoints.

um ok the other thing I wanted to say was that, unfortunetely, derisiveness towards people who disagree with you has become so much the norm, that simply asking a question that suggests that you don’t already know everything about what the other person is talking about gives them the impression that you disagree and are trying by way of your genuine questioning, to undermine their stance. so I want to give this message to anybody who intends to attempt this, that it may require some measure of patience and persistence, and actually pointing out to people that you are genuinely curious and interested in what they have to say. 
it can definitely be worth it because once they calm down and stop speaking to you like an enemy they usually start to sound a lot more competent and confident and may actually say some stuff that makes sense.

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