When you need to get stuff done

I needed a new file manager to help me get work done. The Windows file manager is good, but very basic. I needed a file manager with multiple panes and lockable tabs. Here is what I found.

Work Flow

Here’s the problem I was trying to solve:

I had to copy files on to my local computer to work on each lesson at work. Once I finished the changes to the lesson I had to copy several files back to the remote file server. Then I’d navigate to the local and remote folder for the…

Modern Tech PR: What we can learn from Ello.

The Tech industry has a PR problem. One main reason for this is that tech companies start small with technical people, but not business people. While most fail, some take off. Some take off amazingly well. When they do they can make mistakes or poor decisions. Sometimes they are forgiven, and sometimes not.

Ello is a social networking website that is trying to position itself as the anti-Facebook. When Drag Queens were upset with Facebook’s one size fits all real name policy, Ello stole the show by saying ‘we don’t care…

Teaching children to think like a computer and solve problems

Mother Jones published an article asking Is Coding the New Literacy? What literacy means has changed over the centuries. Initially literacy meant being able to read and write. Then it meant being able to understand. Now people say understanding numbers and basic math is the new literacy in the information age.

The author, Ms. Raja, says that to get ahead one must be literate with code: the ability to look at a problem and problem solve using massive amounts of data or with an iterative solution. The trick is not to teach kids how to actually program computers. …

Simplicity vs Customization

Medium is a blogging platform that has a very simple editor and produces beautiful looking articles. It’s interface is simple and uncluttered. But it has some limitations. It might not be right for everyone. But it looks good.

If you read articles on Medium — like this one — they look good. That is one of Medium’s major claims to fame. I began considering using Medium as soapbox, so I decided to write an article on Medium as a way to learn about Medium.

When writing content things are very clean, because almost everything is hidden. It pulls you…

Shawn P. Conroy

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