A Plant Manager has a laundry list of responsibilities that can make or break an operation, such as the monitoring of the facilities, supervision of the work activities conducted by employees, overseeing the completion of projects, and addressing any maintenance or security needs.

Shawn Rana, a senior executive and consultant who has previous experience as a Plant Manager in the fertilizer industry, delves deeper into the duties of a supervisor, specifically one who is involved in nitrogen fertilizer production related to agriculture.

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Delegating and Training

First, a Plant Manager is expected to access and train workers on the techniques that are crucial to the entire operation, including Operations and Maintenance Supervision, EHS and, most importantly, the full understanding of safety measures. After establishing a dependable core of personnel, the Plant Manager and his/her direct staff of supervisors can begin to assign various tasks, with safety, environmental compliance, efficiency, consistency, trouble shooting and equipment maintenance among them, Shawn Rana notes. …

Are you on a path to a career that’s not only fulfilling, but will fuel an enjoyable retirement? The key is to build a strong professional vision and build on it, says Shawn Rana of Winnipeg, Manitoba, who has years of experience in executive and consulting positions in the agrichemicals and gas and oil industries, just to name a couple.

Laying the groundwork can set you on the right path to success. Here are some areas to focus on to end up in a long-term career that is both financially and personally rewarding.

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Identify Your Strengths and Interests

Sure, you can become a doctor or a lawyer if you’re willing to put in the years of study. However, while that provides for gainful employment, it doesn’t mean you will get any satisfaction from it or want to practice for the duration of your working years. …

Your business may be humming along and maybe you’re even starting to see a profit. However, is it reaching its full potential, or are you just cruising?

There are a few things you can do to bring your business to the next level and they don’t need to cost a lot of money to implement, says Shawn Rana of Winnipeg, Manitoba, who is experienced as a senior executive and consultant and has led successful companies in the fertilizer and oil and gas industries among others.

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Build Brand Advocates

Your brand image is how the outside world sees your business. The brand associated with a company is powerful and can make the difference between someone who buys from you once and someone who becomes a cheerleader for your products or services. …

The recent and almost unprecedented decline in energy prices has had a huge impact on the world economy. The fertilizer manufacturing industry is not immune to the effects of low oil and natural gas prices either. There is a correlation between fertilizer prices and gas prices, and this is exacerbated by the increasing competitiveness in the fertilizer market.

Shawn Rana is a seasoned Senior Executive and Consultant with 26 years of success in manufacturing, fertilizers, oil and gas, and agrichemicals. He has had numerous roles ranging from a plant manager and engineering/project manager all the way to the president and CEO of different companies in the fertilizer industry. …

Welcome! My name is Shawn Rana and I am a seasoned Senior Executive and Consultant with 26 years of success in manufacturing, fertilizers, oil and gas, and agrichemicals. I currently reside in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I received a Bachelor of Science Degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Manitoba. …


Shawn Rana

Senior Executive and Consultant in the agricultural industry. Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. University of Manitoba Alumni— B.S. Mechanical Engineering.

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