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The initial reaction one should have to the events of the past twelve months: Blindsided. Caught without any forward vision, government leadership and corporate managers alike have scrambled to react to drastic changes in the social, economic, and technological landscape – with some even taking advantage of the chaos.

“If only we had known” they say. There is a certain hubris to this type of response.

What we’re seeing is a depressing display of visionless autopilot – leaders reacting reflexively to emergent crises – some positioning themselves or the situation for self enrichment, self preservation, and self-aggrandization. …

10:23 PM. Laura rubbed her eyes. She felt like a vagabond having been to Tokyo, Shanghai, Sydney and Lahore all in the span of hours. In seven minutes she’d be in Seoul. Taking a drag of her espresso energy vape she reached for her AR glasses.

“Welcome Laura. Here’s your brief before the meeting.” The virtual assistant added a range of insights to the lenses in her glasses.

“Show me their projections.”

A series of graphs and charts popped into view, Laura moved them with gestures in the air, zooming in and out of the time scale.

“Apply a force…

Cobblestone rolled under his stumbling feet like tiny hills. The night air was still and bathed in thick humidity. Blue light from a late-night gelateria washed his skin with a welcoming glow, but Max was searching for something salty, something to satisfy his boozy stupor. He turned down a darkened alley toward – hopefully – another night market or square that would be bustling with tourists and snacks.

A familiar buzz began behind him. The hum and whirl of rotors. It got louder and louder, quickly passing over his head. A drone. What kind of knob uses a drone at…

Did you test your product this week? Last week? Last month? Never? One of the best things you can do for your design process and the product you’re designing is to test it. But why?

I’ve been part of many product teams that were tasked to build a feature first, uber-polished product. When you build a product idea from a feature list and ignore any form of external feedback, your product is going to experience unneeded turbulence. You the designer, the product owner, or maybe a client are going to wonder what went wrong? Sometimes the question ‘what went wrong?’…

Shawn Cole

Co-Founder & Foresight Strategist @Humanistic

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