8 best black chandelier replicas in 2021

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5 min readMar 8, 2021

Black is a classic and stable color, it is suitable for various decoration styles of interior design. If you are worrying about interior design. If you are worrying about not knowing what kind of chandelier to buy. You can take a closer look at this article, it can help you find a suitable online purchase site and chandeliers.

Zhongshan, China is a place rich in lamps. There are many lighting manufacturers, able to meet any requirements of your lighting. Under the wave of online store purchase development, many lamp replicas have emerged. This means that you can buy high-quality copies of lamps by paying less.

1. Sky garden lamp replica

Flos skygarden kopia was designed by Marcel Wanders. The black metal surface has delicate patterns made of plaster inside. Available in matte black and bright black, it can provide diffuse lighting.

Under the simple black exterior, the pattern inside is more elegant. When skygarden lamp replica hangs above the ceiling, it looks simple and generous from a distance, but when you get close to it, you will be attracted by its exquisiteness.

2. Aim pendant light replica

The aim lamp replica was designed by Bouroullec brothers. Its design is one of the most basic and beautiful designs. It has strong flexibility. The cable can be adjusted so that the lamp head and light distribution can be aligned in any way you choose.

Flos aim copy is loved by many consumers not only because of its beautiful appearance, but also because it provides convenience in use.

3.2097 chandelier replica

The flos 2097 replica was designed by Gino Sarfatti. The 2097 sarfatti consists of a black steel frame surrounded by LED lights. By combining traditional chandelier with modern style, it has a simple industrial beauty. Mod 2097 can accommodate 18, 30, or 50 incandescent bulbs, while hanging lights can provide diffuse light.

Flos lampe 2097 is very popular because of its unique design style. The light it emits is warm and comfortable, making it an ideal choice for dining tables and living rooms.

4. Multi lite replica

The gubi multi lite pendel was designed in 1972 by the Danish designer Louis Weisdorf. The base of the gubi multi lite lampe consists of three basic shapes: two fixed cylinders and a hemisphere framed by a thin ring. The special feature is that the hemisphere is divided into two parts, so the two halves are movable.

Rotate the two halves downwards, the light will illuminate the ceiling and create a comfortable atmosphere. By placing the two halves upward, downward light is generated, for example, to illuminate a dining table. If the two halves move relative to each other, the light will be scattered indirectly, and the lampshade will look like a carved artwork.

5. Atomium chandelier replica

Atomium replica was designed by Lambert & Fils. The Atomium series combines the directionality of a bare spherical bulb with a rich metal material. The unique and noteworthy feature of this design is the circular part, which can rotate the lamp arm to a full 360 degrees, which can be flexibly adjusted according to your preferences.

Atomium light can meet your needs for space design through simple line structure.

6. KUU pendant light replica

KUU lampa was designed by Elina Ulvio. Its biggest feature is that it can provide direct and indirect light just by rotating the inner ring of the chandelier. Lamp KUU has unlimited rotation angle, making rotation possible.

In addition to the horizontal space, the staggered arrangement of KUU reversible pendant light also greatly expands the lighting range of the room. The mobility of the lamp can form a constantly changing shape.

7. BH1 lamp

Spinning BH1 lampa was designed by Benjamin Hubert. The shape of spinning lamp BH1 is like a drop of water, which is very suitable for simple decoration design style. Made of high-quality aluminum materials.

Under the premise of meeting the lighting needs, lamp BH1 emits warm light downwards through the black lampshade without dazzling people.

8.Vertigo lampa replica

The replica vertigo light was designed by Constance Guisset. Vertigo lamp copy has a magical effect in modern interior decoration. It is a chandelier with a “hut”, which can be perfectly integrated into every indoor space and embellish it in a unique way. Because it is very light, it will make subtle movements every time the wind blows it, which looks like an extraordinary and vivid decoration.

Vertigo lampe kopie is an exquisite and beautiful lamp. Hanging from the ceiling, it is so gentle. The meticulous details of the design are always eye-catching.

The above is the replica of the black chandelier introduced this time.

Hope to help you choose the right product.

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