Flappy Bird: 6 Substitutes You Can Find For Flappy Bird

Flappy bird has broke huge record in the world of games, not only this game is most downloaded but it has also gain popularity in a very short time. The reason why this game is so popular is because of its game play style which makes the person “wanna break his phone”. That’s the best feature of this game; it’s so much addictive that mostly every young people plays it. Some just want to call it the “Worst Game” because it is so hard to score the best record in this game. There is no end, pipes just keep coming so you have to dodge your bird by touching the screen.

It got even worse, the game was completely shut down by its developer on both iTunes and Play Store due to bad critics from various games industries that had disturbed the life of the founder so the game is gone, I don’t know forever or maybe it’ll come back … only time will tell. But still you can have the same fun as Flappy Bird but will be different than the original. Here is the list of 6 selected clone version of Flappy Bird.

FLAPPY FISH: It’s just a different name that’s all, just because it’s a fish doesn’t mean it can’t flap? Kind of a tricky but still you will get the same feeling. Just tap the screen until you score the highest number and one touch will end the game.

FLOPPY BIRD: Don’t like the 8-bit pixel, try 3D. The game is coded with the same feeling but with graphically enhanced objects. Check various pipe levels, simple control and other customizing options. Customize your bird by collecting coins and buying new skin for your bird. Caution: it is extremely hard so don’t smash your valuable phone.

Revenge Bird -Crush tiles: Break through the walls with rage and flames play this version which is totally different as compare to the original. Break the record by smashing incoming pipes on different mode like normal mode, speed mode and time attack. Each mode has unique feature, Normal mode where you just have to destroy pipes, Speed mode is the same but speed up the time and last is Time attack which you have to destroy pipes in 45 seconds.

Flappy Crush: Are you tired of playing with the same bird who is trolling you at the time of making the highest score. Want to get your revenge, then this is the best one. Smash that pesky bird who is trying to destroy your life. Crush any incoming bird with pipes by tapping the screen to shut the pipes. Smash all those colorful birds and unlock different bloody modes by collecting coins.

Flappy 3D: That’s one ugly bird if you look it in reality, play Flappy Bird 3D and experience the totally different view of the game. The game is totally in a different dimension where you see the bird fly through the pipes from the front view. The game has great breath taking graphics which you can enjoy the moment of fun.

Flappy Bros Multiplayer: This game didn’t got much of a review but still if you like to play it multiplayer then go for this one. It has split screen system which allows you to play on tablet with your friends; you can also play via online connectivity. Haven’t tried it but you can download it for free from the Play Store.

Till the original title is not coming any time soon, you can still get the same fun with the above versions of Flappy Bird. There are more free versions of the same game but with different game play aspects which you can play. It’s time to turn on the same frustration you used to feel by downloading the alternative versions.

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