The “Bing” Issue

Since the dawn of Google, the primary focus of SEO’s the world over has been how to get your website ranked in Google specifically. The “2nd Place Search Engines” come and go over time as we have all seen.

Currently, the second place search engine is Microsoft’s Bing.

A shocking revelation that we discovered at NetElixir was that overall, a lot of sites were losing traffic organically from Bing as a search engine. Even more puzzling was that there seemed to be no winners. Typically in SEO, when one website loses rankings, someone else gains. So, the fact that EVERYONE was losing seemed impossible. With one quick analysis, we noticed a very surprising issue that could likely be a culprit for this.

The analysis we performed (and welcome you to perform) was to hop over to and search a non brand term related to your industry. The most eye opening one we performed happened to be for “Glass Bakeware.” To our surprise, 25% of ONE listing was visible above the fold. To make matters worse for organic listings, the Ads on Bing are designed almost identically to the Organic Listings. It takes a pretty sharp eye to see a clear difference between Paid and Organic listings within Bing.

Personally, I believe this is a pretty bold and seemingly desperate move for Bing to force users to click paid results. We will be continuing to monitor this to see what kind of long term impact this will have.

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