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As hard as it would seem to be, there are still plenty of people on the planet who simply do not believe in Climate Change. Or further, that human beings in our short history upon this planet have caused such a significant impact on Earth. And, despite these naysayers, incontrovertible evidence mounts day after day after day that we have done just that — perhaps even pushing our own extinction towards inevitable.

Well, whether the above is true or not, nobody can deny the benefits of healthy stewardship of one’s resources. So, with that in mind, I have assembled below…

TORONTO in majestic blues…vibrant…the #NightSky ravishes the eye.”NIGHT SKY IN THE CITY” curated by SHAWN VENASSE 🌒 🌃 🌈 For all your real estate needs: SHAWN VENASSE — Sales Rep. 416–670–7042 / #nitsauc

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a curated love story in photos and quotes

The following are images and quotations I’ve gathered over a recent foray into the googlesphere in search of memories, moments and mementos of the place I call home: TORONTO, Canada.

Where we love is home — home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts. — Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.


PART ONE: In the beginning…the end!

It seems I have reached a crisis in my life. I am suffering from a case of extreme existential ennui. In other words, I am quintessentially and preternaturally bored! I am, in the words of the freakingly insightful and oft foul-mouthed Iggy Pop, CHAIRMAN of the bored.

פסח שמח Pesach Sameach


A close friend of many years texted me the other day. He was answering a question I had posed to him earlier in the week when I last saw him. The question was about whether or not he had taken any action towards moving.

His luck had turned dark for the last few years and things in his life were progressively getting worse. To the point that, he was no longer going to be able to afford the rent on his apartment. (Upon discovery of which, I offered him the chance to move into my house since I have a…

A personal encounter with the unbearable lightness of being the Toronto real estate market.

I just coined a new business or marketing term for a real estate phenomenon my Buyer Clients experienced for the first time Tuesday night! (And I on far too many other occasions.) I call it “the slingshot effect”.

Here’s how it works:

  • 1. Get a house listing FOR SALE.
  • 2. Price it low…ridiculously below market value, but within a distant sight of where it should be priced. (And, if possible, within a price bracket where there is a lot of pent-up demand and hopelessness!)
  • 3. Hold off on Offers until a specific date no more than a week out from the commencement of appointments.

Smaller rooms can be difficult to decorate, because if you don’t know a few important tricks, the space can end up feeling a little claustrophobic. Here’s how you can keep a room feeling airy and spacious, even if it’s just a studio apartment or an attic.

Breathing room
Your first inclination might be to arrange all your furniture flush against the walls. Though this may add a little extra room to move through the room, it’ll make everything feel more crowded and congested. Instead, try arranging items at an angle, or pull them six inches away from the wall.


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