Application shortcuts option missing from Chrome 5X? Here’s a workaround

Yes, there are a few extra steps now but it can still be done. Here’s how to do it in Windows 10.

First, go the site that you want to create the application shortcut for. While you’re focused on that tab, go to the 3 dots menu (top right in Chrome,) then choose More tools, Add to desktop.

Next, open a new tab in Chrome and type in chrome://apps and hit enter. You’ll be taken to the Apps page. The site you’re wanting the application shortcut for should appear on one of your Apps pages.

Here’s the critical step: right click that App and choose Open as Window. Right click again to make sure a check mark still appears next to Open as Window. If it does, left click the App icon and it should launch in its own window.

Now, you can simply right click the open window in your taskbar and choose Pin to taskbar and voila! Application shortcut added!

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