How I’m using IFTTT and Pushbullet to memorize scripture and the Creeds

First off, if you’re non-technical, no, that headline’s not Greek. Secondly, if you’re still non-technical, don’t let that headline scare you. It’ll all make sense in a minute.

Let’s get the scary technical jargon out of the way.

IFTTT (short for If This Then That) is a fantastic web tool that lets you automate tasks in little recipes they call Applets.

Pushbullet is a handy mobile app that lets people send messages, links, and other tidbits of information to their smartphones.

Now, on to the memorizing-scripture-and-the-Creeds part.

I want to know a few things by heart:

  • The Apostle’s Creed
The IFTTT logo

There are other, non-Bible things I know by heart and, just as the saying goes, practice makes perfect. I know these non-Bible things by heart because I either see them or hear them all the time. The more often I can see the creeds and commandments, the more likely I am to know them by heart.

Therefore, I decided to put a couple free web apps to good use. Here’s how it works:

At 10am I get a notification on my phone reminding me to read the Apostle’s Creed with a link to said Creed.

The Pushbullet logo

At 2pm I get a notification on my phone reminding me to read the Nicene Creed with a link to said Creed.

At 3:15pm I get a notification on my phone reminding me to read the Ten Commandments with a link to an abbreviated version of the appropriate passages from Exodus 20.

While I could have just created links in IFTTT to other websites online with the creeds and the Commandments, I instead published articles with the Creeds and Commandments myself here, here and here.

Here’s how you can use IFTTT and Pushbullet to memorize the creeds and the Commandments

Step 1 — Go to and sign up for a free account.

Step 2 — Go to and sign up for a free account.

NOTE: if your primary email account is a Gmail account, I’d suggest clicking Sign up with Google or Continue with Google when visiting IFTTT and Pushbullet. It makes signing in later much easier.

Once you’re done signing up for those two services, go to and click Connect. This lets IFTTT talk to Pushbullet which is how IFTTT will tell Pushbullet what to show you on your phone.

Now, visit the links below and you’ll find the applets I mentioned above. Simply click Turn On and voila, IFTTT is ready to send you reminders to Pushbullet.

I’m a big ReadScripture fan, thx to Remington McElhaney for the image

Memorize The Apostle’s Creed applet

Memorize The Nicene Creed applet

Memorize The Ten Commandments applet

Let’s tie this all together… time to install Pushbullet on your phone! Easy peasy, just go to the App Store on iPhone or Google Play on Android and search for Pushbullet, then install. Remember, if you created your Pushbullet account by clicking Continue with Google, you’ll want to do that again in the app on your phone.

That’s it! You should start to get handy dandy memorization notifications on your phone.

Tweet me if you have any questions!

Whatever your heart clings to and confides in, that is really your God, your functional savior. -Martin Luther

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