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I don’t think Trump supporters understand what a moderators job is. For example, when Anderson Cooper asks Trump, “Mr. Trump most people believe 1+1=2 you have often said 1+1=potato. Would you care to explain what you meant by that?”

Trump will say something like, “Anderson, let me begin by saying I have never said 1+1=potato, but let me tell you what Hillary Clinton has said about hot dogs and apple pie over the last 30 years”.

It is the job of the moderator to keep the candidates on topic and to inform the American People what their previously stated views are on the topics. Trump, because he has not prepared, does not know how to bring attacks into a conversation natively. As a result he gets corrected by the moderator. Trump did this last night with every question except the one at the very end about a positive attribute about Hillary.

Hillary, for example, would get the question, “Secretary Clinton 1+1=2, what do you think about 2x2=4?”. “Well Anderson of course 2x2=4 and I definitely believe that. But let’s not forget that Donald has said 1+1=potato. He has also said there needs to be investigations into math and whether or not math should be allowed to be in this country.”

Hilary knows and understands how to attack Trump without deviating from the topics currently being discussed. As much as he wants to complain about the debates being 3 on 1 or 2 on 1, if he simply prepared or read a newspaper he might understand how to work relevant attacks into debate questions.

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