Additional List of Re-education Camps

All camps in this list can be confirmed by supporting evidence. Recently I’m busier than expected. I can’t write each camp in a detailed manner. So I put all the camps I can confirm and relevant evidences in this post. When I have more time, I will provide more detailed analysis for each camp and put them in the formal list.

  1. Keriya 于田 36°50'10.39"N, 81°45’22.58"E
(non public satellite database)

Evidence: RFA news (partial mandarin translation see wikipedia)

2. Keriya 于田 36.800339, 81.832909

non public satellite database

Evidence: Global Times news

3. Karakax 墨玉 37°15'32.81"N, 79°44'55.43"E

Evidence: tender notice

4. Yarkant 莎车 38°14'9.94"N, 77° 5'51.16"E

Evidence: government document

5. Yengisar 英吉沙 38.937150, 76.059250

non public satellite database

Evidence: China Mobile telecom tower purchase & rent document

6. Kuqa 库车 41°45'10.76"N, 83° 1'6.42"E

Evidence: RFA news

7. Korla 库尔勒 41°44'9.99"N, 86° 8'10.58"E

Evidence: tender notice

8. Pishan 皮山 37.56713, 78.294334

non public satellite database

Evidence: power outage notice

9. Nilka 尼勒克 43.798519, 82.488473

Evidence: photo from ground

10. Lop 洛浦 37.0349, 80.2593

non public database

Evidence: company registration record

11. Lop 洛浦 37.0453, 80.2404

non public satellite databse

Evidence: same as above

12. Urumqi 乌鲁木齐 43°59'51.64"N, 87°31'2.94"E

Evidence: local Uyghur’s message

13. Changji 昌吉

Evidence: tender notice 44° 6'5.49"N, 86°59'43.97"E

14. Yining City 伊宁 43°53'44.28"N, 81°18'50.09"E

Evidence: photo from ground

15. Yining City 伊宁市

Evidence: RFA news

16. Emin额敏 46°38'21.37"N, 83°37'2.07"E

non public satellite database

Evidence: photo from ground