List of Re-education Camps in Xinjiang 新疆再教育集中营列表

This List is no longer maintained for various reasons. A more comprehensive list see:

I removed camp №11 because it is more likely a prison.

I removed camp №12 because I find evidence suggesting it is a prison.

I removed camp №14 because there is insufficient evidence indicating it is a reeducation camp.

Note: №16 is possibly a temporary camp

I removed camp 37. I discovered two more similar camps. I think it is better to group these camp together in one single post. So I renumbered camp 37 as 48 in the new post.

Camp 71 is removed because I assigned a wrong number.

Note: I removed 5 camps. So the total number of camps identified is 94, including those in the addition list.


  1. What satellite imagery database do you use?

All satellite images are from Google Earth. I use Google Earth Pro. You can download here.

2. I entered your coordinates in Google Maps, I can’t find the camps in your blog/ the images are different.

If you cannot find the images in Google Earth, try to search its historical images. Instructions see here .

3. How I tell it is a camp rather than prison?