Satellite Imagery of Xinjiang “Re-education Camp” №1 新疆再教育集中营卫星图 1

Re-education Camp in Shufu county (Kashgar Konasheher), Xinjiang.

coordinates: 39°21'33.1"N 75°51'50.0"E


I found the location of this camp from a tender notice, which says there is a “legal education conversion school” near Yishi Laimuqi road (伊什来木其路), and next to a new detention center. (

we can see extensive use of wire fences. Although buildings inside the camp look like ordinary apartment or school buildings, they are often surrounded by wire fences. It is almost impossible to find this kind of wire fences in buildings other than internment camps.

there is watchtowers inside the camps or on the concrete walls. In the picture below, we can easily tell it is a watchtower from its shadow.

The timeline of the construction of reeducation camp also match the government notice. The original notice was posted on April 26, 2017. Satellite shows the construction begin in early May. This site was empty on Mar 6, 2017.

Buildings appeared on May 26, 2017

Most of the construction was completed on Nov 30, 2017.

The re-education camp will expand in the next few months. Shufu government posted a notice says there will be a “rehabilitation center” 康复中心 in the empty space between detention center and the present re-education camp. (