Satellite Imagery of Xinjiang “Re-education Camp” №14 新疆再教育集中营卫星图 14

Re-education Camp in Xayar, 沙雅县再教育集中营

41°14'0.66"N, 82°50'5.34"E

This re-education camp is adjacent to a detention center. The buildings between them are administrative offices.

From the shadows of walls, we can find the walls of detention center and re-education camps are of similar heights, about 2–3 stories high. The outmost walls surrounding all the buildings are lower, about one story.

The buildings inside the re-education camp are also surrounded by wire fences. It’s interesting to notice the square in the middle of the camp is segmented by wire fences. It is probably used for parade ground drill. Different segment is for inmates from different buildings. This design can make managing inmates easier.

This place is unlikely a prison because Xayar Prison is located in far south of Xayar County, at 41°00'15.2"N 82°53'02.5"E.

I am still looking for more corroborating evidences.