Satellite Imagery of Xinjiang “Re-education Camp” №16 新疆再教育集中营卫星图 16

Re-education camp in Maralbexi 巴楚县法制教育转化学校

39°49'31.0"N 78°33'00.4"E

A government tender notice says there is a Legal Education Conversion School (法制教育转化学校) in Maralbexi’s vocational school. The tenderee is Justice Bureau.

In Kashgar’s Propaganda department’s official Wechat account喀什零距离, there is a news photo showing this re-education camp. 800 hundred youth attended special educational training.

We can match the buildings in this photo with the satellite image.

In the latest satellite image (August 5, 2018), we cannot see razor wire fences. The tender notice suggests the planned investment is 3.15 million RMB. It is a small amount of investment compared with other re-education camp. Based on these information, I tend to believe this camp is temporary.