Satellite Imagery of Xinjiang “Re-education Camp” №17, 18, 19 新疆再教育集中营卫星图 17, 18, 19

Re-education camp in Kashgar 喀什职业技能教育培训中心

reporters suggest these camps are abandoned around September 2018.

Kashgar Agriculture School (喀什农业学校)

39°27'25.6"N 76°02'31.0"E

This government tender notice suggests there are seismic retrofit constructions in 3 “vocational skills educational training centers”: Kashgar Agricultural School, Kashgar Finance & Trade School, Kashgar Hydraulic School. The satellite image is the Kashgar Agricultural School.

We can see the watchtowers in the four corners of camp

We can see more details in this image below (photo in the left), barbed wire fences and watchtowers. We can compare with the images from 2016 (photo in the right). The walls now are much higher and reinforced.

photos from the ground:

We can look at the other two camps in the tender notice:

Kashgar Hydraulic School 喀什水利学校

39°27'24.6"N 75°58'31.2"E

We can also find watchtower in the southwest corner of the camp (lower left)

Kashgar Finance & Trade School 喀什财贸学校

39°28'09.5"N 75°58'10.1"E

Below is the image taken on 2017, we can see these buildings are surrounded by barbed wire fences. But in the latest satellite image, most of the wire fences disappeared. Reason unknown. It is possibly that Kashgar built new camps in East suburb and moved internees there.