Satellite Imagery of Xinjiang “Re-education Camp” №20 新疆再教育集中营卫星图 20

Re-education camp in Kargilik 叶城县培训中心

37°51'04.3"N 77°26'13.3"E

The buildings inside the red lines are re-education facilities

There is a government tender notice that says 3 buildings will be built south to the №7 & 8 training centers 培训中心 in Tieti 铁提.

Tieti refers to Tieti township (Tietixiang), which is a southeast suburb of Kargilik.

The 3 buildings referred in the tender notice probably are these in the image below.

According to my calculation, the total area of the building in the left is approximately 3,978 sqm (75.5*12+35*12/ floor, 3 floors). The center one is 3,924 sqm (109*12/ floor, 3 floors). The right one is 3520 sqm (64*12+31*12/ floor, 3 floors and 100 sqm roof structure).

To compare, the tender notice says the №1 building is 4,109 sqm, №2 is 3708 sqm, №3 is 4080 sqm. So the area calculated from satellite image is close to the data in the notice.

This camp is inside a complex which is originally probably for residential purpose. In 2007, only buildings in the west corner of this complex are transformed into re-education camp.

The left image was taken Jun 6, 2017, right Jun 7, 2017. The structure inside the red line is barbed wire fences.

The two red roofed sheds in the center are usually dining halls and some supporting facilities.

In 2018, this camp expanded to include all the buildings in the south of this complex. We can see in the image more walls, more red-roofed sheds are built.