Satellite Imagery of Xinjiang “Re-education Camp” №22 新疆再教育集中营卫星图 22

re-education camp in Akto 阿克陶县培训中心

39°08'52.5"N 75°57'08.0"E

This camp is originally Akto’s Vocational Senior High School. 阿克陶县职业高中(技工学校). I find the location information from Akto government’s website. It looks like a report from Education Bureau about the general overview of Vocational School from 2017 to 2018.

It looks like the School is not so satisfied with the re-education campaign. School says their campus is taken by №6 re-education center, and they have to teach in 10 separate teaching stations in the rural areas.

If we look at the satellite images closely, we will also find barbed wire fences surrounding buildings inside the campus.

We can see the shadows of barbed wire fences more clearly in this image:

It is also noteworthy that from this government website, we can see there are at least 6 such education camps in Akto alone, a small city with population of 170,000.