Satellite Imagery of Xinjiang “Re-education Camp” №3 新疆再教育集中营卫星图 3

re-education camp in Shule, Kashgar, Xinjiang. 疏勒县法制教育转化学校。

39°21'29.2"N 76°03'04.1"E

The whole complex is huge. It has multiple detention center and re-education facilities.


Shule Government’s tender notice suggests there is a “legal education conversion school” (re-education camp) near №13 village in Baren Township巴仁乡. According to Wikipedia, №13 village is 阿热克其其.

Moreover, the 5 major apartment-like buildings inside the camp are all similar. They are 4 stories high. Each floor is approximately 70.5m* 17.5m. So the total area of one building is 4935 sqm. The tender notice says the total construction area is 4943 sqm.

In this reeducation school project, there are 6 government tender notices in total. Notices for Lots (标段) 1–5 are about “4943 sqm teaching buildings”. Notice for Lot 6 is about miscellaneous auxiliary buildings, like dining hall, laundry building, security guard building, medical room etc.

Lot 1- Teaching Building №1

Lot 2- Teaching Building №2

Lot 3- Teaching Building №3

Lot 4- Teaching Building №4

Lot 5- Teaching Building №5

Lot 6- Miscellaneous Buildings

There is another tender notice says there is a detention center, custody center near №13 village in Baren Township. This suggests the detention center, custody center and re-education camp are all built near the same village. This also could further prove that the facility in the satellite image is highly likely the facility described in the notices.

The satellite image suggests the construction started in April, 2017. But the government tender notices are posted in June, 2017. Some news suggests the construction did actually have started in April, 2017. Although official tender notice is often the prerequisite of construction, some project with tight schedule sometimes start before tender notice. Publishing tender notice is to make up required documents.

The latest satellite image shows new expansion of reeducation camp.

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