Satellite Imagery of Xinjiang “Re-education Camp” №4 新疆再教育集中营卫星图 4

Re-education Camp in Kargilik County, Xinjiang 叶城法制教育转化学校

37°55'00.4"N 77°21'05.3"E

This camp is still under construction.

The location evidence is from a government tender notice, which says it is located in Kuqi 库其.

Kuqi refers to the west suburb of Kargilik. The red circled place is 库其园艺场 Kuqi Farm. I also search some Kargili companies with 库其 Kuqi in their names, for example 叶城县棉麻公司库其轧花厂 Kargilik Cotton Company Kuqi Ginning Factory. They are also generally located in the western suburb of Kargili.

The whole re-education camp construction project is divided into 4 lots:

Lot 2–3 are for 8 major “teaching buildings”. Lot 1 and 4 are for supporting facilities and equipments.

The notice of Lot 2 says Teaching Building №1–4 total construction area is 30,000 sqm, 5 floors. (Lot 3 is similar content). We can see from the satellite image, the building is 5 floor and the floor area is approximately 82m*19m. So the total construction area for one building in the satellite image is 7,790 sqm. Then the four buildings will be 31,160 sqm. So the buildings in the satellite image fit the description in the tender notice.