Satellite Imagery of Xinjiang “Re-education Camp” №7 新疆再教育集中营卫星图 7

Shawn Zhang
2 min readMay 22, 2018

Re-education Camp in Karakax, Xinjiang 墨玉县教育培训中心

37°06'42.7"N 79°38'30.9"E

Local tells me this is the largest camp in Karakax.

Every building in the compound is surrounded by wire fences.

Two years ago, the desert is completely empty.

In this government notice, Karakax’s reeducation school in 博斯坦库勒 is leasing its small supermarket.

博斯坦库勒 refers to 博斯坦库勒 industrial park (sometimes 波斯坦库勒), which covers most of the areas in the satellite image below. The re-education camp is in the southeast corner of industrial park (lower right).

Another tender notice has some details about the reeducation camp.

According to one notice, each building’s total floor area should be approximately 8800 sqm. I measured one of them. The floor dimension is 94*18.5m. So in a five floor building, the total area is 8695 sqm. The building in the satellite image can match the description in the notice.