The Shawn Rossi Gift Guide

I know you’ve all been wondering… What should I buy Shawn for her birthday and Christmas? Well, I’m here to help. And, don’t worry, there’s something for every budget.

Because Shawn has never met a dinosaur she didn’t like. And for only $12.99 she can have another doodad on her desk gathering dust that makes her smile every time she sees it.

The only thing better than dinosaurs in Shawn’s book? Unicorns!

This is an aspirational gift. Because Shawn knows, deep in her heart, one day she will look like all of those effortlessly put-together women in the airport with just-the-right casual outfit. And when that day comes, Shawn will stop wearing yoga pants with a hoodie — and she will have this beautiful water bottle tucked elegantly inside her oversized Kate Spade tote.


As usual, Shawn picked the most beautiful of all of the ottomans at Anthropologie…so the color she wanted is no longer available. But that’s the beauty of Pinterest. (It’s still hers in some small way, right!)

Shawn has also picked out pepper grinders, wine openers, travel pillows, outdoor projectors, smartphone accessories, travel trailers, kitchen gadgets, outdoor aquariums and many more things that she did NOT buy in 2016 just to give you the pleasure of giving her the perfect gift.

Because happiness does not come from what we get but what we give, of course…

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