Vujà dé all over again

We all know about those déjà vu moments that come while traveling — finding a place that feels like home already even though you’ve never been. But during our holiday Paris trip, we were gone from home so long that I actually, for the first time in my life, experienced a kind of what I will call vujà dé (when you’re gone so long from home that it feels “new” again).

We stayed with friends in Paris and they had strong cappuccino every morning with steamed milk. I did not add sugar, just lots of milk. For 10 days.

At home, I add sugar-free syrups to my coffee. But this morning, the sugar-free syrups tasted completely different. What once was a comfort food addition now just adds a strange taste. And it was a strange moment.

I sat in my armchair this morning to watch TV and read my morning news on the laptop — and I had to get used to it again. My bed felt “new” last night. It is a strange sensation to have so many things I’ve known for so long feel new again.

So perhaps the “new eyes” we talk about acquiring during travel are not just for the places we visit, but for the places we call home too! Or, as Yogi Berra would say, it’s like vujà dé all over again!