Creativity Is a Process, Not an Event
James Clear

Your next writing assignment: If your work requires you to use a large amount of creativity, how do you save some for your own personal projects when you get home? For example, I write a lot for work. And when I get home in the evenings, I find it easy to take pictures (because it’s not words) of sunsets or water (or anything outside since I’ve been sitting in an office all day most days). I find it more difficult to make myself spending even more time SITTING AT A DESK and WRITING (or taking my laptop outside and writing even). I have a podcast I do in my free time which requires writing but I’m mostly gathering the writing of others and talking about it, not writing for myself. (But if I stopped doing the podcast, WOULD I use that time to work on my own writing projects?)

p.s. I understand you are not being paid by the hour to help me with this. I just find that more and more of my peers that have to be creative for work are struggling with the same issues!