What is HIIT Workout?

Drake T
3 min readJul 18, 2018

HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workout is a form of interval workout which includes different types of exercises and techniques. HIIT has a number of advantages over other types of workouts. The given method helps to accelerate metabolism and to lose fat. What is the principle of HIIT workout and how can I begin to practice it?

The term HIIT means the interval training with the high intensity. It can include weight and cardio workouts. By the way, the achievement of rapid fat loss happens due to the alternation of high, average, and low loads. The alternation of different intensity will make slow and rapid muscle fibers to work. Actually, rapid muscle fibers use glucose as the energy and slow fibers use fat reserves. The necessity to change from one energy source to other forces the body to accelerate metabolism. It provides weight loss and at the same time makes the muscles lean.

Benefits of HIIT workout

It is important to note the high-intensity training provides the increase of growth hormone. Circular training has the same feature. Growth hormone is responsible for muscle gain(https://anabolicenergy.com/) and burning fat deposits.

By the way, glycogen from muscles is used during maximal intensive load. When its reserves run out then growth hormone makes to use the energy from fat reserves. The acceleration of metabolism makes muscles and other body tissues to use more oxygen and aerobic endurance increases.

Effects of HIIT workout

Actually, the effect is achieving without harm to the health. HIIT workouts increase the sensitivity to the insulin and also fat tissues. Moreover, the significant number of energy burns during the workout. Also, the fat burning process lasts and after the end of the training.

It is important to understand that not all people can do such type of training. Those people who didn’t practice sport will not be able to do such kind of physical activity. Also, this training is not recommended to the people who have problems with the heart, blood vessels, joints, and ligaments.

What is not recommended to eat and to drink before HIIT workout?

One more recommendation is not to use fat burners, energy drinks, and other supplements with the caffeine before the interval training. High intensity causes the increase of heart beating and blood pressure. More stimulation of the cardiovascular system will lead to negative results.

If the training is aimed at the weight loss, then you don’t need to consume the sugary drinks and products before it. Fast carbohydrates give the energy to the body and stop the fat burning effect. Also, HIIT can’t be practicing with the low carbs diet. Such diets decrease the glycogen reserves and you can faint without it.

Interval duration in HIIT workouts

The interval duration depends on the load type. Usually, during weight training people alternate 20 seconds of maximal activity with 10 seconds of rest. 20 seconds of maximal activity and 30–40 seconds of moderate activity is doing during cardio.

It is advisable to take a cold shower after a workout. It will help to decrease the pulse and to increase metabolism. Hot shower is not recommended in this case.